Can Beagles Live With Cats?

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How Do You Stop A Beagle From Biting?

Do you own a land shark…I mean a cute, adorable, cuddly yet sharp-toothed Beagle puppy? Keep in mind that your puppy wasn’t born speaking your language and they don’t understand the rules of your home … Read more

Why Do Beagles Run Away?

The reason Beagles run away is because as a hound, they follow their noses. They are known as the canine escape artist! Their noses are super sensitive and contain over 2 million receptors, and will … Read more

How Do You Raise A Beagle?

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How To Crate Tain A Beagle

How To Crate Train A Beagle

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Pocket Beagle

How Big Is A Pocket Beagle?

The size of a Pocket Beagle has to be less than 13″ to qualify, as defined by the Beagle breed standard. As a smaller version of the standard Beagle they typically weigh around 15 to … Read more