What kind of health problems do Beagles have?

Like many dog breeds, Beagles can have health problems. Many of these can be avoided with your care and attention.

Obviously, vaccinations for your puppy is vitally important at the beginning of your puppies life.

Infections such as Parvovirus can spread rapidly among young puppies and is highly contagious.

Your Beagle puppy can still be vulnerable to this even during the series of inoculations.

Another common health issue is Distemper, this can be often fatal among puppies and dogs. This is caused by the dog not being properly vaccinated.

Bacterial infections such as Leptospirosis which affect the liver, kidneys, eyes and central nervous system is spread through contact with wildlife urine.

This vaccine is not always offered, so you must ask for this vaccination. It’s important if your Beagle will come into contact with wildlife, such as deer, squirrels, etc.

Trauma will also cause health issues, be careful with your puppy, any falls, being hit accidentally by a heavy object or even being dropped, could cause death.

Other diseases may be caused by issues with breeding such as heart defects, liver shunts, these are congenital. Tests for both dam and sire would show any hereditary issues.

Beagle death causes

Sadly, as with humans, cancer is probably the most common cause of death among Beagles, as with many dog breeds.

Neurological diseases in the brain and spinal cord can lead to paralysis, strokes, seizures, and encephalitis an inflammation of the brain.

As mentioned before trauma such as being hit by a car or a fall can also be a cause of death for a Beagle.

How long do Beagles live

The life expectancy of any animal as with humans is difficult to estimate, due to their being many factors including health and the environment.

The lifespan of a Beagle is no different, in fact, the lifespan of a Beagle is greatly affected by the owner, and how he or she cares for their dog. Many causes of death for a Beagle can be avoided.

Research has found that the average life expectancy of a Beagle is between 12 and 15 years, averaging around 13.5.

What can affect your Beagles life expectancy

Does the Beagle have any health problems 

How is the Beagle’s diet and lifestyle

Is the Beagle a crossbreed.

Common health problems Beagles have include

Canine Epilepsy is a general term for neurological disorders that are characterized by recurrent seizures. In some cases, the seizures are caused by trauma, a toxin, a brain tumor, an infection, or an issue with your dog’s blood, kidneys, or other organs.



Factor Deficiency (FVII)


Neonatal Cerebellar Cortical Degeneration (NCCD)

Pain Syndrome