5 Beagles Who Starred In The Movies

There are hundreds of movies that feature animals. Of course, their is the cartoon Peanuts. Remember Babe the Pig or Lassie the Collie. Well, Beagles also have starred in movies too, and with some big stars.

Although Beagles have appeared in many animal films like Cats and Dogs. We’ve looked for films where they appear alone or as the star.

We’ve listed 5 Beagles that had a starring role in a film.

John Wick Gets His Revenge With The Passing Of His Beloved Beagle

If you’re a fan of Keanu Reeves you’ll know that different dogs appear in the John Wick movies.

In the first movie Daisy the Beagle doesn’t have much screen time as she is killed early on, but her presence is pivotal to how John Wick’s life changes. Daisy was left to Wick by his deceased wife.

Originally the producers were not planning to kill off Daisy in the movie. The producer’s quote was “You kill the dog, you alienate the audience, and the movie’s done.”

However, they decided it was best to give Keanu’s character the anger needed to start off on his journey of revenge.

Harrison Ford Recuperates With Buddy The Beagle

Harrison Ford stars in the drama Regarding Henry with Annette Bening.

Although the film received mixed reviews at the time the movie is still shown on late night TV.

Ford plays a lawyer who is shot when he interrupts a robbery at a convenience store, which results in brain damage. Ford struggles with his rehabilitation, but is helped along the way by Buddy.

The role of Buddy the Beagle was played by Dennis, a Beagle named after his handler Dennis McCoy. Dennis was bred by Lanbur Beagles in Hollywood.

Lanbur Begles have supplied Beagles to the TV and movie industry for many years.

Superhero Beagle – Leo Saves The City

Based on a 1960’s cartoon, Underdog is an action comedy superhero film starring a Beagle named Leo.

Sporting a red and blue sweater Leo is actually a lemon Beagle.

The story of Underdog sees Leo rejected by the police bomb squad after accidentally sets off an alarm.

Leaving the bomb squad in shame, Leo gets abducted and taken to a lab.

While in the lab, Leo gains superpowers and the ability to speak, which he uses to save the city from the evil scientist that abducted him.

The film uses CGI and real footage.

Shiloh The Beagle – An Abused Beagle Finds His Best Friend

This film is based on a series of books that were written by author Phyllis Naylor.

The film is a tear jerker begins with a Beagle who is abused by his owner, and so runs away, where he meets a young boy, and follows him home.

Shiloh is owned by a local hunter, and so the boy’s father won’t allow his son to keep him.

After returning Shiloh to his rightful owner, Shiloh is mistreated again and escapes to return to the young boy.

Knowing his father won’t agree to him keeping the dog. the young boy hides him away until there is an incident with another dog. He then must turn to his father for help.

The real Shiloh was adopted by friends of the author after they came across him in West Virginia. Sadly the dog died in 2000.

Rusty The Beagle – A Dog’s Tale

Never underestimate the brains of a Beagle is the strapline to the film.

Rusty is the hero of this film, and if you love Beagle puppies, you’re going to love this movie.

The premise of the film is that two orphans Jory and Tess who live with their grandparents are left a trust fund by their deceased parents.

Along come their cousins to take them away, and get their hands on the money. The cousins kidnap the newborn Beagle puppies.

Rusty then steps in to save the day and rescue the puppies.