Are Beagles Good Family Dogs?

Beagles became the US top dog breed in the 1950s. They are the only breed to rank in the top ten breeds every decade since the founding of the American Kennel Club.

It’s no wonder that the famous Snoopy from Charles Schultz’s Peanuts comics was based on a Beagle. 

And, Yes! Beagles make a great family dog, and they are also happy with large groups of people, and sweet and lovable with children. They are super easy to get along with, and their inquisitive nature makes them a really smart breed to own.

Beagles are fairly small dogs. The AKC recognizes two sizes: One up to 13 inches tall, and the other between 13-15 inches. In the UK the standard is slightly taller, at 16 inches.

Their curiosity makes them the Sherlock Holmes of the dog world. Their hypersensitive nose can pick up scents with ease.

Before you know it your dog will be pulling at the lead, wanting to investigate a scent. This is no surprise as the breed was utilized to assist in hunting small game and rabbits.

They are very sociable and full of personality and love to be involved with whatever is going on. Bella is always looking to get involved with my daily routine, which I love.

She gives me so much pleasure and companionship, and loves nothing more than being close by and cuddling while I’m watching TV or exercising when I’m out on a run.

If you have other animals like another cat or dog living the same home, don’t worry Beagles are also great with other cats and dogs living in the same home and will snuggle and even play with them. 

Other small animals like hamsters etc may not be such a good idea as Beagles’ instinct is to hunt as they were bred as pack animals. Just something to be aware of.

Beagles do have high energy levels. Their active nature could be considered too much for some, but generally, this is a good thing, an active dog means a healthy dog. You may feel that their energy can be excessive but you will get used to it, and the added bonus as an owner is they will keep you fit and healthy too.

Although Beagles aren’t the easiest dogs to train, they will still make great pets. You will need to be patient with them, and be firm, and your dog will become a welcome addition to your family. Their enthusiasm will make up for any shortcomings. 

Just take some time to teach them properly when you bring your puppy home, you should find that your puppy will respond to your training.

As Beagles are very high energy and playful dogs, they will need a lot of attention and exercise. Beagles are curious loving, friendly and very loyal and make great play companions. 

Do Beagles Like Children?

Their energetic nature is an asset when playing with kids, as they love nothing more than playing games like fetch, and hiding the ball. They’re also very patient and can sit through a lot of ear and tail pulling. They will also be very protective of young children.

So your kids will love them! 

With their playfulness, they can become noisy in and around the house. However, with good training, this can be tempered. 

As for being house trained they are no different from any other breed, again this comes with training.

Beagles can also be very obedient to their owners, and they will be protective towards family members making them great watchdogs. Watch being the operative word. Beagles will bark but unlikely to bite if confronted by a stranger in your home.

If you are looking for a fun and caring pet. A Beagle may be the perfect choice for you.

It’s important to remember that taking on a puppy of any breed is a responsibility. Make sure you are ready for what’s involved. 

Training the dog, providing food, taking them for walks come rain or shine, grooming, and general welfare of your pet, can be costly, so it’s important that you take this all into consideration.

However, the upside is the pleasure you will get back from this new family member will make it all worthwhile.

Do Beagles Like To Cuddle?

You Betcha! Beagles love to cuddle. They are very social and affectionate dogs. Their love and need to be around people makes them the ideal breed to cuddle up on the sofa with.

They love nothing more than nuzzling up to you. In fact, Beagles can suffer from separation anxiety as they become so attached to their owner.

There are times when Bella has spent the night cuddled up in bed only to wake up in the same position. There have been days when I’ve had to get her out of bed to go outside.

With that said, Beagles don’t feel the need to have your attention all the time. They are independent thinkers and their hunting instinct allows them to explore.

Beagle Traits You Should Be Aware Of

Beagles can be boisterous sometimes and with that, they can become a little noisy. They will tend to bark to alert you to anything that they are not sure about. They will tend to bark at someone walking past the door, or if they are just sitting looking out of the window and notice a small animal.

With training, this can be tempered although it’s unlikely to go away forever. It’s just their breed as a pack animal. They just like to verbalize themselves.

Their attention span is also short, they get easily distracted and will want to wander off if they pick up a scent. Alongside the Bloodhound and Basset Hound, the Beagle has one of the best-developed senses of smell of any dog.

Care must be taken to prevent them from wandering off into harm’s way by keeping them contained in a fenced-in yard or on a leash when outside of the house.

Stubbornness is also a trait that can be associated with a Beagle. If your dog wants something they will try their best to make it their own.

When this comes to following their nose, it’s unlikely you will be able to gain back their attention. They will be laser-focused on finding the source of the scent.

As I mentioned earlier Beagles can suffer from separation anxiety when you leave them. They prefer to have company and thrive on social interaction.

To counter this anxiety, having another dog around in the house will help. If this is not possible, then a long walk or play will tire them out, and they should be exhausted and ready for a nap. Leaving you some free time.