How Much Should A Beagle weigh?

How much should a Beagle weigh?

The weight of a 13-inch Beagle is between 20-30 pounds. While the slightly larger 15-inch Beagle can weigh between 20-35 pounds. A female Beagle would weigh 1-2 pounds less.

Newborn Beagle puppies weighs around 5-10 ounces, and they will gain weight every day. With the fastest weight gain between 0-6 months.

From 6 months to 12-18 months, there will be slower weight gain, and growth spurts just like in humans.

How big do Beagles get?

A full grown Beagle will by the age of 18 months will have stopped growing, and stand between 13 inches and 15 inches, measured to the shoulder.

How much does a Beagle weigh?

How much do beagles weigh is a common question asked by owners. Knowing how much does a Beagle weigh will help you understand if your Beagle is the right weight for it’s age. According to the National Beagle Club, the average healthy weight of a fully grown male Beagle weighs between 22 to 34 pounds, and a female will weigh between 20-22 pounds.

Beagle weight chart by age

The Beagle weight chart by age shows their average weight.

Age (weeks)Weight
0-2 weeks1lb
3 weeks1.5-2 lbs
4 weeks2.5-3lbs
6-7 weeks3.5-4lbs
8 weeks3.5-6lbs
16 weeks8-12lbs
6 months10-15lbs
1.5 years20-24lbs

Beagle size calculator

The dog size calculator below works as a puppy size predictor – it allows you to compute how big your dog will be once it’s fully grown-up. 🐶 Just fill in your puppy’s age and weight.

When do Beagles stop growing?

A healthy Beagle will stop growing by about 18 months at which point their skeletal system is fully grown.

If your Beagle has had health issues or is a cross breed then their size and weight may vary. The chart above shows that their weight should be a round 20 to 24 pounds, and 13-15 inches tall.

Do Beagles gain weight easily?

Although the Beagle breed is very active. Without a healthy diet and exercise, a Beagle will gain weight easily, and could develop health problems. So it’s good to keep in mind the ideal weight of a Beagle.

They are known for having a healthy appetite a little too healthy! They like to woof down their food before they even taste it. Beagles have lots of energy, and to maintain this they will eat and eat and eat.

Don’t be taken in by there loveable eyes when they look up at you asking for more, or you may find yourself with an overweight, unhealthy dog.

You need to be vigilante and monitor what they eat. Don’t leave food lying around, they will devour it, and this will lead to an unhealthy dog.

To give him a healthy alternative to regular dog food, why not add carrots, peas or green beans. This will help him lose weight, but still keep him full.

If you find your dog is gaining weight you will need to up their exercise routine and make changes to their diet.

Beagles were once hunting dogs, and are full of energy, so without burning it off, they are going to gain weight.

Exercise and diet may not be the only reasons your Beagle has gained weight, it could also be down to an underlying health condition.

If you believe your dog is getting the correct exercise and food but is still gaining weight then it would be a good idea to visit the vets, to get their opinion.

How Do I Know if My Beagle is Overweight?

There are some ways you can tell if your Beagle is overweight.

You can monitor their weight with dog scales. Or you can make a visual assessment.

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Looking from above check the Beagles’s ribs are not sticking out, also you can feel the ribs under their fur, this should indicate the correct weight.

Check their spine too, this is covered by a thin layer of skin. If you can easily feel it through their skin then they’re healthy.

If it’s harder to find, then they’re probably carrying a few extra pounds.

Their waistline too should be defined and not sagging, if they are carrying fat this will show around their chest, and at the base of their tail.

Beagles being hounds will run and exercise and this gives them strong muscles. This much exercise should make their body defined.

If your pup is looking bulky, and weighty then you need to put them on a diet straight away.

Another easy way to tell if your Beagle is carrying excess weight is if they struggle when going for walks.

If they start to pant more than normal, or are less energetic, then this could be a clear sign that they are overweight.

All dogs like to groom themselves. If your Beagle is taking less care of themselves and finding it a struggle, this could also be a sign of weight gain.

How much should a Beagle eat a day?

Up until 6 months old a Beagle puppy should be eating 3 times a day. Then twice a day from 6-12 months. Then after a year, they should be eating once a day.

Beagle feeding guide

Royal Canin Beagle feeding chart

Adults can be fed twice a day, but their portion should be divided into two, but no more.

The amount of food an adult Beagle should eat would be approximately 180-220grams. this can be divided into a morning and evening meal.

Mealtime is not something Beagle’s struggle with as they will eat just about anything. It’s important though to keep to a recommended diet.

Be conscious that when fed dog food which is high in additives and coloring, this could cause your Beagle to react badly. Where possible look for organic foods.

With age, your Beagle will become less active, so it’s best to avoid food that is high in protein.

Do Beagles like treats?

Just like other dog breeds, Beagles love treats. They can be used to help with training your dog, or just to treat them for good behavior.

There are lots of treats on the market, but it’s always best to choose the healthy option for your dog. Remember! too many will also add to weight and health issues.

However all is not lost if your Beagle gains a few inches, just take a look at Luigi in the video below.

Luigi is the PDSA’s slimming champion after shedding almost a stone and a half.

Sunday roasts, cakes and snacks were some of the things that turned Luigi into a bulging beagle. Tipping the scales at 4st 8lb (29kg), he was 39% over his ideal weight. But he is vet charity PDSA’s slimming champion 2019 after shedding almost a stone and a half. He still likes a treat but is down to a far more mobile 3st 3lb (20kg).

What fruits can a Beagle eat?

Fruits are great to keep dog at a healthy weight. They are rich in vitamins, and antioxidants. They are also low in calories. They are also full of water and include fibre to prevent a rise in blood sugar.

One of the best fruits to feed a Beagle are blueberries, in fact, that’s my favorite fruit too! They are full of antioxidants.

Blueberries improve a Beagle’s body by fighting the free radicals in the body, which are the elements that can damage cellular structures.

This will help to reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, neurodegenerative disease and improve cardiovascular health and eye health.

You can save money by buying frozen blueberries and then defrosting the amount you need for each meal or smaller quantities for treats.

Don’t forget Raspberries are also a great fruit to feed your Beagle. They contain anthocyanins, which is a type of antioxidant, and some manganese which helps in developing healthy bones.

When mixing them into a meal, a 1/4 cup for puppies and 1/2 a cup for adults is sufficient. They also contain only around 65 calories per cup.

List of fruits a Beagle can eat

  1. Apples are high in fiber for your beagles and make an ideal snack for a Beagle which is gaining weight. Packed with vitamins A and C, these will maintain healthy ones. Remember to remove the core and seeds.
  2. Apricots can help fight against cancer as they are full of potassium and beta-carotene. They make a great treat for your Beagle. Just remember to remove the pit, stem, and leaves.
  3. Bananas are full of potassium and are high in carbohydrates, and will help their heart and kidney to function. Use them as a treat but not too often as they have high sugar content.
  4. Blueberries, as we mentioned before, are full of antioxidants, and are a good source of fiber and vitamin C, and will help prevent cell and tissue damage.
  5. Cantaloupe includes vitamins A, B, and C. These will help reduce any inflammation issues in your Beagle. Be aware to remove the outer skin as this can carry bacteria.
  6. Cranberries contain vitamin C, fiber and manganese. They make a lovely snack for your Beagle. They can be a little tart. Only give them the fruit raw, cooked or dry, and avoid the sugary juice and sauce. Or your Beagle will have an upset stomach.
  7. Mango is vitamin-packed and is a nice refreshing treat for your Beagle. Small pieces with the skin removed are ideal and will be easier on your Beagles digestive tract.
  8. Oranges can be a little sweet for your dog, but it’s worth a try, as they are full of vitamin C. Again remove the peel, leaves, stem, and seeds. The fleshy part of the orange is ideal.
  9. Pear can be given occasionally, although they are full of vitamins A and C, and fiber. As with apples and oranges, their seeds contain traces of cyanide and should be removed.
  10. Pineapple like many of the fruits listed is full of vitamins and is great for your Beagle’s immune and digestive system. As with other skinned fruit remember to remove it before feeding your dog.
  11. Raspberries are an excellent fruit to treat your Beagle. They are low in sugar and contain vitamin C and fiber. For older Beagles their anti-inflammatory properties are ideal.
  12. Strawberries can help your dog stay healthy as they help towards strengthening the beagle’s immune system and can slow the aging process. They can be added to any meal.
  13. Watermelon contains vitamins A, C, and B-6 and is almost 92% water, and will keep your dog hydrated. It also contains potassium for maintaining healthy muscles.

In Conclusion

There are some simple steps you can take to help your Beagle from gaining weight and becoming obese. 

Lowering the calories rather than the quantity of food will solve the problem of having a hungry Beagle. 

By keeping the portions the same size you will be swapping out the higher calorie foods for the lower ones.

Some of the replacements you could use include, baby carrots, green beans, and green peas, and as mentioned above fruit is a great alternative.

With regular exercise and a balanced low-calorie diet your Beagle should keep the weight off and this will give you a healthy and trim Beagle.

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