Why Do Beagles Run Away?

The reason Beagles run away is because as a hound, they follow their noses. They are known as the canine escape artist!

Their noses are super sensitive and contain over 2 million receptors, and will follow any scent they come across.

As a pack hunter, Beagles, do not like to be left alone, as their instinct is to run and chase. They are also very smart animals, and require a lot of attention.

Beagles need a lot of excercize and stimulation. Long walks will help tire your dog, and make them easier to control.

Beagles don’t slow down with age, they are high on energy, and will chase anything they can, and as they are a pack hunter they will also have the urge to be with other dogs.

Bella my Beagle is always on the go and has bundles of energy and is always on the look out for smells to follow.

When left at home during the day you will need a strong crate for them to stay in.

She was destructive of the first wire crate I originally bought for her, and had to upgrade to a stronger, more study one.

Keep your Beagle stimulated with toys and excercize. By tiring them, you will have a more passive dog.

Top 4 reasons your dog runs away

1. Missing their previous home

If you’ve recently moved, then this could be a reason for your Beagle to run away. They won’t understand why they’re in a different place, and will instinctively want to return home.

To avoid this try and make your new home as familiar as your old one as possible. Bring all his toys and other belongings with you so they can get used to the smells and scents.

Take them around the new place so they can get a feeling for their new home. This will create a familiarity. It maybe useful to walk them around on a leash to get him feeling comfortable in their new surroundings.

2. Mating

For un-neutered male dogs their desires can get the better of them. They are looking to satisfy their needs, and will go out searching for another dog.

It may mean you will have to neuter an on un-neutered dog to stop them running away. If this not an option a strong leash and extensive training will help curb their instincts.

3. Loneliness

Beagles probably more than other breeds are very social, as a hound they would hunt in packs. They can easily get bored if you’re not showing them attention. This can result in them looking too run or wander off to find something interesting to do.

4. Scared

Dogs are nervous like humans, and strange or loud noises can startle them and their instinct is to run away. Training can help by getting the dog to relax around noises you can replicate.

Sounds like fireworks and thunder are very frightening for your Beagle. So a safe place where they can go in your home is very useful.

How to stop your Beagle running away

Firstly! don’t let your dog get bored, if left alone too often they will run or wander off.

This is especially true of Beagles because they like to follow their noses.

Keep your home secure, by making sure your fences are in good condition or invest in a wireless dog fence.

If your Beagle is male, neutering or dog spays to control their hormonal drive and will help their desire to run off in search of females.

Chew toys and Bully sticks will help give your dog plenty to keep their minds occupied. If you’re dog is left alone for long periods make sure they have a good selection of toys.

If your dog is still wanting to run off, you may not be giving them enough exercise.

Will I ever be able to let my Beagle off leash?

It can be risky letting your Beagle off it’s leash. Without training and a good recall you’re going to face problem.

In your yard at home it’s less of a problem, as your dog will be in familiar surroundings, and he knows this is where he gets fed.

Once your outside with your dog there are so many sights and sounds and smells they are going to be distracted.

To have a successful recall to work your dog is going to need to respect you more than anything.

They are going not to want to leave your side rather than chasing for example a squirrel or bird, and that’s going to take some work.

Can Beagles run long distances?

Beagles aren’t built to run distances. They can run a few miles but their build is not ideal for them to run for long distances.

The most they can run at speed is around 2 miles. Don’t push them if hem become fatigued.

If you’re a runner, then it can be fun to share your training with your dog. It’s important not to push them to hard, bear in mind to keep a steady pace.

How to stop my dog from running away

If you’re dog is constantly running away, and no amount of training helps. The best way to guard against losing your dog is a GPS tracker. This modern technology is a great backup if your dog disappears.

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During my research, I came across one of the best trackers available.

Fi Tracker

The Fi GPS tracker is known for it’s amazing battery life which can last for month’s before needing a charge. It tracks your dog 24 hours a day.

The Fi Collar is “smart” and is able to detect bad signal conditions to save battery.

It also can create safe zones, so if your dog exits the safe area you have set up, you will get an instant notification that you dog as left the perimeter. Safe zones can be setup in any part of the country, making it great for when you want to take your dog on vacation.

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Best Dog Tracker 2020

The Fi is not just a tracker, it also works like a Fit-Bit for your dog! The tracker monitors their activity levels, by comparing their score with other dogs. It has daily, weekly and monthly goals for your dog to achieve. Keeping your dog healthy and active.

“We run a pet Search and Rescue, and when we recover the lost dogs, we always recommend they purchase a Fi collar.”

KARL ALLEN Black River Search and Rescue

Another great feature of the F1 is it’s ability to switch to lost dog mode. This mode activates a LED red pulsating light on your dog’s collar.

Once your collar enters the Lost Dog Mode, Fi HQ will immediately be notified and the company’s 24/7 lost dog helpline.

The band comes in yellow and gray, but note that the yellow version does not have an XL size. When it comes to Fi sizing, here is your definitive guide:

  • S – Neck <13” 
  • M – 13.5” – 16.5” 
  • L – 16″ – 22.5” 
  • XL – 22″ – 34.5” 


  • Build Safe Zones
  • Long Battery Life
  • Free Shipping
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 30-Day GPS Trial

In Conclusion

In my experience I’ve found good training and plenty of exercise will help stop your Beagle running away too often.

Any dog needs to be trained to get the best out of owning a them. A dog left to do their own thing will invariable end up causing their you issues.

Follow some of these tips and you should have a dog that runs away less.

Sarah is the Senior Editor at Beagle Owner. An avid reader of crime novels, fashion lover, and walking her Beagle Woody.