16 Amazing Beagle Facts

beagle facts

Beagles are considered to be one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the USA. The AKC ranks them consistently in the top 5. From cartoons to politics these cute little dogs are more famous than many music, and film stars. We also list some interesting facts that will surprise you!

1. Charlie Brown’s best friend

The most famous Beagle is, of course, Snoopy from Peanuts. He first appeared in the comic strip on the 4th of October, 1950. Snoopy was based on a dog named Spike, Shultz owned when he was 13 years.

Take a look at 5 Beagles who have appeared in the movies.

2. More Cheese Gromit

In the popular Aardman animations, Gromit from ‘Wallace and Gromit’ is indeed a Beagle, and a smart one too. He looks out for Wallace and saves him from many difficult situations. 

3. Odie the Beagle

Let’s not forget that Odie from Garfield was a Beagle too, in the comic strip, although in the films he somehow turned into some kind of Terrier.

4. Beagles can play the piano

Ok, I’m stretching the truth slightly here, but this little guy is a YouTube star. Check out Buddy Mercury below.

5. Beagles at the White House

In the world of politics, President Lyndon Johnson owned two Beagles named Him and Her. After these dogs died FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover gifted LBJ a Beagle which he named J. Edgar, but later shortened it to Edgar.

6. History of the Pocket Beagle

Pocket Beagles as their name implies are smaller Beagles than the standard Beagle we know today. Pocket Beagles’ average size is around 8 to 9 inches. Queen Elizabeth 1, made the breed popular, and would often entertain guests at her royal table. She would often carry them with her while riding with the hunt.

7. Fit this Beagle in your pocket

The modern interpretation of that pocket Beagle was started in 2002 by Rebecca VanMeter of Indiana. Known as the Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle, these dogs are now bred by the Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle Foundation breeders.

8. A white-tipped Beagle is a purebred dog

An interesting fact is that if a Beagle has a white tip on the end of their tail, this indicates the dog is a purebred, and not a mix. The white tip (called the gay tail, being up when beagles are happy) was breed into the Beagle to make it more distinguishable from the foxhound and it’s larger cousin the Coonhound. The white tip also meant that it would be visible when hunting through the grasses and bushes.

9. The meaning of the name Beagle

The Beagle does like to make their presence known with their barking and howling, and this trait comes from the french word ” bee gueule” which means ” wide throat” or ” loudmouth”.

10. Beagles keeping the homeland safe

The Beagles’ strong sense of smell benefits the USA government. The “Beagle Brigade” are used by the US customs to sniff out contraband and other illegal products from entering the country. Their strong sense of smell and hunting trait is ideal for homeland security.

11. Beagles make it to the USA

As the Beatles came to America in the sixties, the Beagle arrived here in the 19th century. Born in England but naturalized in Illinois General Richard Rowett first imported the Beagle to the US.

12. The Houdini of the dog world

These little guys are great at problem-solving and will jump, dig and find every possible way to get over, under and around any obstacle put in their way.

As a hunting breed, they are fast too! You are going to need to be as smart as they are if you want to stop them from escaping. Be sure your fence is secure, or you are going to have them running shoes ready to go.

13. 1888 and the Beagle

Why is 1888 such an important year for the Beagle? In 1888 The National Beagle Club of America was formed. The club is a parent club to the AKC.

14. One for the Fanilow’s

Fanilow’s is the nickname given to fans of Barry Manilow. Barry was known for owning a Beagle named Bagel. When Bagel had puppies, Barry gifted one to Marie Osmand on her 18th birthday.

15. Shakespeare’s Beagle

In the play Twelfth Night Shakespeare writes, She’s a beagle true-bred, and one that adores me. Twelfth Night, Act 2 Scene 3 l. 172.

Bonus. Darwin and the Beagle

HMS Beagle was the ship that took Charles Darwin around the world from 26th December 1831 to the 27th of February 1832. The different animals and plant species he encountered led to him developing his theory of ‘evolution and natural selection’.

Sarah is the Senior Editor at Beagle Owner. An avid reader of crime novels, fashion lover, and walking her Beagle Woody.