How Do You Raise A Beagle?

As with any dog breed raising a Beagle puppy can be difficult sometimes but the rewards outweigh the problems you may encounter. Beagles are amazing pets but they do require a lot of your attention.

10 Tips for helping you raise your Beagle

1. If you are bringing home a puppy from a rescue center or breeder, try to keep to the same food that they have been eating.

2. Ideally, two soft, comfortable and washable dog beds. So you will always have one for the puppy and one in the wash.

3. Disposable and absorbable puppy pads are essential. Your puppy is going to have a lot of toilet training accidents early on.

4. Disposable and absorbable puppy pads are essential. Your puppy is going to have a lot of toilet training accidents early on.

5. When these accidents happen you are also going to need household gloves and disinfectants. To stop your puppy returning to the spot choose an enzymatic cleanser rather than bleach.

6. By around 6 months you will need a nylon collar and tag. Don’t forget when buying a collar, puppies will grow.

7. You are going to need some chew toys, Beagles love to chew! Make sure the toys are certified as safe and check regularly they are not damaged, as this could cause problems if swallowed.

8. Treats are always useful to have when training your Beagle, they are an incentive for your dog to behave and learn.

9. Taking care of your Beagles coat is important for a healthy dog. A bristle comb, rubber gloves, toothbrush, and dog toothpaste. A dog shampoo and conditioner are also needed as well as nail clippers.

10. Finally, you will need a crate. Make sure the crate is large enough for your Beagle to move around and that he is able to stand up. We have more information about crate training.

How often should a Beagle be bathed?

These mischievous dogs are going to be running around and eventually getting dirty from either being in the yard or out on walks.

However frequent baths can dry out their skin. Ideally bathing them once every 2 to 6 months is enough.

This may not be possible if your dog has been out playing or walking in bad weather.

How do you bathe a Beagle puppy?

Some Beagles can be uneasy around running water, so it’s advisable to fill the bathtub or kitchen sink.

If their coat is soiled use warm water a shower attachment to wet their coat.

With a dog shampoo lather the coat with your fingers and work the shampoo into their coat removing the dirt from their coat.

how to bath a beagle

Make sure the water temperature is warm water taking care to keep any shampoo going into their eyes.

Rinse out the shampoo, and repeat if necessary. To keep the coat shiny apply a dog conditioner. Use a suitable dog brush to keep the coat shiny.

Be sure to rinse out all the conditioner and shampoo to prevent irritation to the dog’s skin.

Use a hairdryer on a low setting and a towel to dry off your dog.

Do beagles need to be groomed?

The answer is Yes! Beagles need to be groomed, however, they are known for being clean dogs.

Regular brushing will help with reducing the amount they shed and will help remove dirt.

Brushing every other day should suffice. This will help spread the dog’s natural coat oils.

During the spring and fall, your Beagle will shed the most. So you will need to brush more frequently.

Make sure the coat is clear of any long hairs as this can spore bacteria.

Teeth brushing is very important and should be done regularly to avoid any dental problems.

Check your Beagle’s ears on a regular basis for any long hairs, pluck any that you find. Lack of air circulation can cause infections and ear mites.

Toenails will also need to be looked after. If you are not experienced at cutting dog nails it may be safer to take them to a dog groomer.

The problem is that if you cut them too short, you could sever the quick which is a highly sensitive area and could cause your dog pain.

If you’re in any doubts, take your Beagle to an experienced dog groomer. This will assure that your dog is healthy and clean.

beagle grooming

Can Beagles be left alone?

Beagles are busy little guys they will always find something to do. So you would think they can be left alone.

Probably NOT! is the answer

They are very social animals, and they love being around people and other dogs, so if you leave them they may suffer from separation anxiety.

Beagles are loyal to their owners and so they will feel anxious when you are not around.

Some of the signs that your Beagle is anxious are that he will whine or will start barking excessively.

They may begin pacing, or to relieve the stress they will begin chewing everything they can reach.

At the extreme, they could panic and start excessive drooling.

However, with training your dog can deal with being on their own.

How to stop your Beagle feeling anxious when you’re out

There are a few things you can do to stop your Beagle feeling anxious when they are alone.

If they don’t enjoy the confines of a crate, then close of a part of a room, ideally the kitchen.

Leave the curtains open, so the dog can see outside this will help by them seeing the outside world.

This, however, won’t work for all Beagles as they may get overly excited at seeing people and cars going past.

Leave plenty of water while you’re out stressed dogs will drink more, and use a dispenser if possible, as they may knock over their bowl, and this will stress them too.

Make sure their bed is clean and supportive. It’s important your dog feels comfortable.

If he is left to lie on the floor this will cause stress and is unhealthy for his limbs.

Toys are also important, these will keep him occupied and will distract him from the fact there is no one around.

For a calming atmosphere play music, there are many channels that play chilled background music some are specifically made for pet relaxation in mind.

Leaving your Beagle in a dark home will cause distress, so if you going to be out in the early evening or later, it is best to leave some lights on in the house or apartment.

How often should you walk a Beagle?

Giving your Beagle enough exercise will prevent health issues in later life and will keep your dog fit and healthy.

Walking should be at a moderate to a brisk pace. Twice a day is ideal, if this isn’t always possible then 1 longer walk will suffice.

The exercise will stretch muscles and release energy, which will stop unhealthy weight gain, and you will have fewer visits to the vets.

Using up the dog’s pent up energy will be helpful for when you return home. It should tire him enough that he’s destructive or restless when at home.

Bear in mind the average adult Beagle can run at around 20mph/32.2km/h. While the average man jogs around 8.5mph/13.35km/h.

Don’t force the pace on your Beagle he should feel comfortable, but not out of breath.

A walk of a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes is ideal, although some Beagles may need a little longer. No more than 40 minutes is sufficient.

More intense cardio exercise is vital for the health of your Beagle. A game of fetch or run in the park of the leash will get your dog’s heart beating fast.

Just be aware that your Beagle of the lead may give him the opportunity to follow a scent and you may find him difficult to get him back.

Cardio exercise is best done 1 or 2 times a week.

What age should I take my Beagle for a walk?

Until your Beagle has all their puppy shots, it’s best not to take them outside of the yard.

It’s not until they are 18 months old that their body is fully developed and you must take care not to over-exercise them. Or this could cause issues with their bone development.

Your Beagle puppy will need to exercise, and it will be hard to stop their vitality due to their breed, but you should limit their walks to around 1 mile.

A second walk should only be taken later in the day if they still have energy to burn. Just be careful not to overexert them.

The aim is to give the puppy enough time to exercise, but not too much as to put a strain on the pup’s growing body.

When the young pup is past the 18 months mark, he should be strong enough to take more exercise and other activities in his stride.

How long do Beagles live in human years?

This is not a question you probably want to think about, but it’s worth knowing how many years you have with your best friend. On average a Beagle will live to 13.5 years.

Some will live longer and many Beagles can live into their teens. 12- 15 years is typical for most dog breeds with some exceptions.

Like with people, genetics plays a part and obviously in any underlying health issues.

For your Beagle to lead a full and healthy life it really depends on you, and how as an owner you take care of your dog.

It might surprise you that some of the health issues Beagles can have can be avoided. Learn more here.