Why do Beagles get fat?

Beagles get fat because as they get older, just like humans they exercise less, but their appetite stays the same.

Most dog breeds can suffer with obesity, and a Beagle is no different. To combat extra weight gain you need to control their diet, combined with plenty of exercise to burn off the calories.

The average fully grown Beagle needs between 674 and 922 calories per day.

With less activity and a poor diet, they begin to pile on the pounds, and this can cause health problems.

Beagle pups will gain weight quickly, which is normal. When they reach around 18 months they should reach their correct weight.

If they continue to gain wait then it will be time to curb those extra treats and reduce the food amounts at meal time. 

If you have any doubts or something doesn’t feel right about their weight it’s always best to consult a vet.

Health risks for an overweight Beagle

So with obesity come health risks for your Beagle, that you should take seriously. If you’re Beagle is becoming fatter, be aware that this can cause problems such as:

  • Liver disease
  • Renal disease
  • Arthritis
  • Organ damage
  • Bone damage
  • Joint damage
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • hypertension

An overweight Beagle can also suffer from respiratory, cardiovascular and muscle problems.

What is a healthy Beagle weight?

Knowing what your Beagle’s healthy weight will help you control your dog’s diet and give your Beagle a longer and happier life.

Check our Beagle weight chart to help you monitor your dog’s correct weight for their age.

We know when we step on the scales if we’re overweight. We can control it through diet and exercise. It’s not so easy for your dog.

They can’t control what they eat, or when they can exercise, only you as their owner can do that.  

Being strict with your pup will teach it to eat and exercise correctly overindulging your pet is going to cause them and your wallet problems, with more visits to the vet.

Weighing your Beagle once a month will help you keep an eye on their weight.

You can easily adjust their food intake, and maybe if they are putting on a few pounds, more walks or longer walks will help them lose those extra pounds.

Feeding your dog human food may seem harmless, but your dog’s digestive system isn’t designed to deal with, and this too can lead to health problems down the line.

Overweight Beagle lifespan

A Beagle’s average lifespan is around 12 to 15 years, and can extend further if your dog is kept fit and healthy. 

An obese Beagle, will certainly risk having a shorter life.

Any lengthy period of weight gain can cause health problems and deadly illnesses, and will likely reduce their life by months or even years, if not dealt with quickly. 

Regular visits to the vets will certainly pick up on any health issues that maybe need to be dealt with.

It can also be cost effective to keep you Beagle in tip top condition and avoid expensive vets bills.

Fat Beagle puppy

Beagle pups do have a ravenous appetite that can cause them to gain weight rapidly, and they may look fat for their size, although this is of less concern in their early months.

Puppies should gain weight and look a little chubby, this helps them maintain a proper body temperature, and help them through their rapid growth.

Controlling what they eat teaches good habits and they are less likely to become overly fat.

Get into the habit of giving them the right amount of food at the same time everyday, and make sure they get daily routine exercise.

Beagle pups have energy to burn, which helps them keep a steady weight. So there is no need to worry as they are growing.

Why Do Beagles Eat So Much?

Beagles were bred as hunting dogs, and so it comes natural for them to scavenge for food. 

This instinct means they are always looking for food, and they have an endless appetite that needs to be kept in check.

Beagles will eat anything and everything, and don’t know when they are full. If you’ve never owned a Beagle it would appear they never stop eating. 

So you need to be sure they are kept on a strict diet of quality food.

Beagles have a nose for food, so only feed them at meal times, and keep food locked away. 

What do Beagles like to eat?

So you might be wondering what do Beagles like to eat? As mentioned before they will eat just about everything, but to keep your dog healthy you need to consider a balanced diet. 

Dog food that contains sunflower oil, fish oil or safflower oil will help keep your Beagle’s coat shiny and healthy.

Dry food is good for their teeth, it keeps them clean. Wet food can get caught between their teeth and cause tooth decay.

Natural meats are ideal, but keep away from anything that has grains, it is not good for their digestive system.

Fruits are ideal and healthy way to supplement their meals and will help them from gaining too much weight.

How to help your Beagle lose weight?

If you’re Beagle is overweight there are things that you can do to reduce those excess pounds.

Firstly, be realistic, you’ll have to make some changes which can feel like your hurting your dog. This is not the case, by ignoring the weight gain is only going to harm your Beagle in time.

Setting realistic goals is kinder to you and your dog. Make a plan, maybe to lose 1 or 2 pounds per month.

Having an achievable goal won’t stress you or your Beagle, or harm their health by putting them through a strenuous regime.

An easy win is to monitor their food intake, by reducing their meal sizes will go unnoticed by your pup.

Something dog owners can be guilty of is just throwing in large amounts of Kibble into their dog bowl without reading the instructions on the box.

Over time without noticing you are giving your dog extra calories that without exercise they’re not going to burn off. Look for low caloric brands and keep to the right amounts.

Giving your Beagle treats should not be stopped, they’re great for keeping your dog from feeling hungry between meal times. Be sure to check the calories of the treats and switch to low calorie ones if needed.

Increased activity needs to be combined with the reduced calorie intake.

If you’re Beagle is fairly obese you need to be careful not overexert them as this can be dangerous to their health too, and risk injury.

Make sure when taking them out for a walk that you have plenty of water and that they don’t over heat.

Increase their walks overtime, by adding an extra 10 minutes daily or weekly depending on their fitness, this way the dog won’t notice much difference.

If you take your walk the route everyday, try changing your walk to include inclines or different terrain. This will make your walks more fun and challenging.

Try and up the amount of walks you do each day, not only will it benefit your Beagle, but your going to get fitter too.

Sarah is the Senior Editor at Beagle Owner. An avid reader of crime novels, fashion lover, and walking her Beagle Woody.